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Through Western National, policyholders are welcome to rent safety videos for free, provided by Aurora Pictures. A wide range of topics are available for several industries. Some videos even address important safety topics for employees outside of the work environment.

You can choose to rent videos as DVDs or in an online streaming format. Choosing a video is simple with the convenient online previews. All of the videos are available immediately, so there's no extra waiting for the video to be in stock. Plus, many of the videos are available in multiple languages to cater to all employees.

Creating an Account
The rental program requires a personal account with our DVD provider, Aurora Pictures. It's easy to create a free account using the one-time registration form linked below. Once the form is submitted, Aurora will send your password to the email provided during registration.

Create an Account

How to Rent a Video
You can begin browsing the videos on Aurora Pictures' website once you receive your password and have logged in using the new password. To view videos, click on the Safety Products option. When you've chosen a video, click Proceed to Checkout. The next screen will have a Format box. Use the drop-down menu to choose DVD or streaming, depending upon which format you prefer. If you're interested in streaming video, make sure you test your Internet connection for compatability. You can do this by viewing a sample video here.

The Payment Information page will appear next. Select the invoice option to skip over the credit card information screen. Make sure to review your order before submitting to ensure accuracy. A DVD will be shipped the next business day, and a streaming video will be available the next business day on Aurora's website. You can access the video by clicking the Video Now option in the upper right area of the website. The Video Now page will list all the streaming videos you currently have checked out and their due dates.

Browse Videos

Renting Policy
A Western National commercial policyholder may rent up to three videos at a time, and each video has a 28-day rental period which begins the day the video is received. If a video is not returned before the rental period expires, a $10 late fee will be charged each week past the rental period.

Terms & Conditions
Western National's rental program is available only to current policyholders. The videos may not be ordered for a party other than the policyholder, and they need to remain in the possession of the registered policyholder. The policyholder will be liable for any DVDs that are lost or damaged.

Buying a Video
The program includes an option for policyholders to purchase videos at a 50% discount. The discounted price is conveniently reflected in the prices displayed when you are signed in, instead of at the checkout. Buying a video has a process similar to renting a video. Once you have chosen a video to buy, click on Proceed to Checkout. Instead of choosing the Invoice option on the Payment Information page, you will fill in credit card information to complete the transaction.

Safety Video Rental Program Brochures


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