August 18, 2004

Stu Henderson Named to the Board of Directors of the Charities Review Council of Minnesota

The Board of Directors for the Charities Review Council of Minnesota announced today that Stuart Henderson has been elected to the Board. This non-profit organization has the mission of evaluating charities in the State to determine their legitimacy and overall effectiveness - all as an aid to donors who want to determine the best way to ensure that their contributions get to the intended beneficiaries. The announcement of Stu's election to the Board can be found at 

Stu commented that he was pleased to be nominated and elected to the board. As the largest domiciled Mutual Insurer in Minnesota, Stu feels strongly that one of the goals of Western National is to contribute to the overall welfare of the community. The election to the board allows Stu the opportunity to participate in the nonprofit area in a meaningful way.

For further information, contact:

Mary S. Manley

SVP Corporate Affairs & Administration