December 6, 2018

Notice: Illinois Disaster Areas & Actions Required of Companies by the Illinois Department of Insurance

Effective December 4, 2018, Governor Bruce Rauner has declared Christian County a state disaster area after significant storms impacted the county. Insurance consumers may experience disruption of mail delivery and displacement from their residences, businesses, and other properties due to the storms.

To help provide safeguards and ensure Illinois consumers are not adversely affected by this disaster and do not suffer unnecessary hardship, all entities licensed or authorized to transact insurance business in this state are hereby requested to implement the safeguards listed below for all lines of business. These safeguards address problems consumers may face due to circumstances beyond their control. We hope these measures provide some peace of mind during the recovery process and help ensure that disaster victims do not lose important insurance coverage when they need it most.

Effective immediately, all insurers are requested to implement the following guidelines to govern treatment of all consumers affected by this disaster (“affected policyholders”), residing in or who have property located in or around counties that have been declared disaster areas by Governor Bruce Rauner. Insurers need not file policy or rating manual changes to comply with any of the following directives.

As in all such situations, Western National is taking the appropriate measures to ensure that our underwriting, claims, and other services meet the potentially altered needs of our policyholders in these disaster areas. In accordance with the Department of Illinois' request, we would like to provide the following navigation for Illinois disaster-related questions and concerns: