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The Focus newsletter is a colorful, easy-to-read newsletter highlighting interesting tips, discounts, and more regarding your Personal Auto or Homeowner's policies. Current issues are sent with every Personal Auto or Homeowner policy and renewal. If you missed your recent Focus issue or want to view past issues, just click the issue number below to open the PDF.

Focus - Personal Auto Edition

Spring/Summer 2018 - How Rising Auto Claims Are Affecting the Insurance Industry; Roadside Assistance from Western National; How Can I Reduce the Cost of My Personal Auto Insurance?; Should I Call 911 to Report a Reckless Driver?

Spring/Summer 2017 - Tips for Renting a Vehicle; What Should I Do If My Windshield Gets Chipped?; Did You Know That Coverage is Excluded if You Use Your Vehicle for a Ridesharing Service?; Penalty-Free Promise

Fall/Winter 2016 - Does Your Vehicle Have Any Manufacturer Recalls?; My Parked Car Was Dented, What Should I Do?; Penalty-Free Promise; Prepare Your Car for Winter

Spring/Summer 2016 - What to Know Before You "Uber"?; A Golf Ball Hits My Car, Who Pays?; How Can I Find a Safe Booster Seat For My Child?

Fall/Winter 2015 - Avoiding/Minimizing Deer-Related Crashes; What to Do if You're in an Auto Accident; Winter Driving Tips

Spring/Summer 2015 - Do I Need Personal Umbrella Insurance?; Drowsy Driving; What To Do If Your Car Breaks Down

Focus - Homeowner Edition

Spring/Summer 2018 - Summer Safety Tips; Bonfire Safety Tips; Summer Parties and Social Host Liability; Updated MyAccount System; Benefits of Smart Home Technology

2017 - Common Causes of Home Fires in Fall and Winter; Reduce Your Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning; Protecting Your Residence While You Are Away in the Winter; Is My College Student's Property Covered by My Insurance?; Do I Need to Update My Insurance Limits?

2016 - If I Rent Out My House Through a Service Like Airbnb, How Does It Impact My Insurance Coverage?; 10 Simple Ways to Maintain Your Roof; How Often Do I Need to Replace My Smoke Alarm (Not Just the Batteries)?

2015 - Tips for Grilling Safety; Q&A: Property in Storage; Do I Need Flood Insurance?; Know the Difference: Market Value vs. Replacement Cost